Lorenzo García-Diego Pérez

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 28th January 1940
Birth Place: Lugo
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After studying at the Seminary and the Trade School and making several works in the County Council of Lugo and 'Agromán' in Madrid, he moved to Barcelona in 1963, where he started his contacts with art, promoting artists, directing art galleries and being the merchant of several painters. He published many art comments and criticism in magazines and newspapers such as Ya (Madrid), La Vanguardia (Barcelona) and El Progreso (Lugo).

 Work & Activities

He has written fourteen interesting artistic monographs: La pintura de Puig Barella (1984), El pintor Rafael Salva (1985), El pintor Xavier Blanch (1986), Agustín Guasch, las huellas de un escultor (1987), La pintora Carmen Navarra Pruna (1988), El pintor Vila Puig (1989), El pintor Paulino Ustarroz (1990), El pintor Enrique Beltrán Mesa (1990), Paulino Ustarroz (1990), El pintor Sadurní (1991), El pintor José Pomes (1991), El pintor Jordi Andreu Fresquet (1992), El pintor Sadurní (1992), La pintura catalana del 92 (Vídeo film I and 2) (1992) and El pintor Alejandro Costa (Video film) (2000).

 Other Interesting Aspects

As an adviser, he collaborated in the 'Rafols' Dictionary about paintings, sculptures and artists from Catalonia and in several financial entities and collectivities related to the artistic world. In 1972, he directed the art gallery 'Anglada' in Barcelona.