Julia María Dopico Vale

Category: Musician and writer
Birth Date: 15th september 1967
Birth Place: A Coruña
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She graduated in Piano (Joaquín Rodrigo Music Conservatory) and Musical Language (Manuel Quiroga Music Conservatory). She teaches Music in a Secondary School. She is a bandurria and piano performer and piano accompanist in several galas.

She organizes musical festivals in collaboration with different cultural associations in A Coruña.

She coordinates plectrum festivals in her native city.

She has been the president of Brigantia Cultural Association since it was founded in 2008, dedicated to the dissemination of Galician music and literature.

 Work & Activities

Founder and member of ROSAS:

They recorded “Música para a Nostalxia” (2010) with the literary contribution of Julia Uceda Valiente (poetess), Eva Veiga Torre (actress and poetess), Juan M. Charlón (music critic) and a drawing for the cover by Corin Diego Cervera.

They also recorded “Rosas para Galicia” (2013) with the literary contribution of Juan Durán (composer), Elisa Moscoso Vázquez (teacher of the Music Conservatory of A Coruña), Eva Veiga Torre (actress and poetess), Xoan Rubia (singer-songwriter) and the engraving “Bandurria en rosa” given by Rafael Úbeda.

They carry out concerts all around Galicia.

Founder and member of ENTREDÓS (bandurria and piano duet)

Founder and member of NOVA POESÍA:

This group was awarded Gregorio Baudot Music Prize, Sociedad Artístico Ferrolana (2012)

Monographs: “La Voz de la Musa” (2001), “Rosalía de Castro” (2002), “Homenaje a Valle-Inclán” (2004), “Lorenzo Varela. Letras Galegas 2005” (2005) and “Ramiro Fonte” (2010)

She recorded “Galicia na Memoria. Entre música e poesía” (2006) with the critical comments of Xoán Rubia (singer-songwriter), Juan M. Charlón (music critic), Olga Patiño Nogueira (poetess) and Sechu Sende (writer). This CD has the world premiere of “Habanera Aurora” by José Arriola, performed on the piano by José Luis Mera Castro.



She organized these exhibitions: “Cartelismo, música e palabras na II República” (2006) and “Carlos Gurméndez en Pontedeume: 10 años” (2007)



“Música y músicos de la Generación del 27” (2006), “Encontros de Bernardo Freire e Margarita Xirgu” (2007), “Cartelismo, música e palabras na II República” (2007), “Carlos Gurméndez en Pontedeume, 10 anos” (2007), “Historia, política y música” (2008) and “Verdi y Wagner. Dos compositores de la historia” (2013)



She wrote a poetry book titled “La Voz de la Musa”, presented in Ortigueira (2001) and A Coruña (2002).

She is invited to participate as a poetess in meetings and poetry readings all around Galicia.

She publishes her poems in ‘A Nosa Terra’ and ‘Poesía Galicia’ and collaborates in different magazines of Ferrolterra.



“Entre la música y la intimidad de la familia Arriola” (2003), “Bernardo Freire, un músico de Cedeira en América (1897-1983)” (2006), “Homenaje a Juan José Castro: Entre los músicos de Ferrolterra, el nedense Juan José Castro Piñeiro” (2006), “Encontro de Bernardo Freire e Margarita Xirgú en Montevideo” (2007), “La intimidad de la familia Arriola” (2008) and “A publicidade e a música na Radio Ferrol. 1950-1960” (2008).

Since 2003 she has been writing articles about music in Diario de Ferrol.

She published interviews to famous figures related to music and culture such as Borja Quiza, baritone (2011), Juan Durán, composer (2011), Ainhoa Arteta, soprano (2012), Margarita Viso, President of AGC (2012), Antón García Abril, composer (2012), Joseph Colom, pianist (2012) - Dolores Ben Pena, director of Cinemar Films and María José Montiel, mezzo (2013).

She also publishes opinion articles in La Voz de Ortigueira (A Coruña), El Progreso (Lugo), El Heraldo de Viveiro (Lugo) and El Correo Gallego (A Coruña).

 Other Interesting Aspects


2007. 1st prize at the 12th edition of Álvaro Paradela Short Story Contest, Sociedad Artística Ferrolana.

2009. 1st prize at the 13th edition of Asociación Nós Poetry and Short Story Contest.

2011. She is the author of the musical adaptation of ‘O Rato’ at the Children’s Theatre Show (Cangas)

2012. She was invited by Ortigueira Piping School and the City Council of Ortigueira to present “Ortigueira Suite”, a composition by Ernesto Campos that was created for the 28th edition of Ortigueira Celtic Festival.

2012. She enjoyed a grant for the 55th edition of “Música en Compostela”. ‘Vine a Compostela’ was presented in the chapel of Hostal Reyes Católicos with the poem by Julia Dopico, music by Yoav Levi and performed by Mina Gallardo, accompanied by Jorge Robaina on the piano.

2013. She was invited to present two books: “Séptima Andaina” (2012) and “A Muiñeira de Apolo” by Pérez Dopico.

2013. She was nominated adviser of Culture and Art in Sociedad Artístico Ferrolana.

2013. She revived the figure of José Arriola within the programme “Descubrindo as nosas Músicas” on TVG and in the web page www.descubrindoasnosasmusicas.com

2013. She was invited by the Consello da Cultura Galega to write about José Arriola in the CD recorded by the Galicia Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Maximino Zumalave.

2013. She enjoyed a grant for the 55th edition of “Música en Compostela”.