Carlos Villanueva

Category: Musician
Birth Date: En 1949
Birth Place: Melilla
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He lived in Lugo since he was four and studied at the Secondary School and the Seminary of Lugo until he entered University. He is a Professor of Music at Santiago University and presented his doctoral thesis ‘Los Villancicos gallegos de la catedral de Mondoñedo’. As an author and editor he has published several books throughout all these years: ‘Los Villancicos Gallegos’, ‘El Pórtico de la Gloria. Música Arte y Pensamiento’, ‘Los Villancicos en gallego de Melchor López’, ‘Polifonía Galega’, ‘Las lamentaciones de Semana Santa de José de Vaquedano’ and ‘Los sonidos del Pórtico’, as well as the catalogues of the cathedrals of Tui and Mondoñedo and other publications related to the Middle Ages: ‘La imago Musicae del Pórtico de la Gloria’, ‘Cantigas do mar (Homenaxe a Joan de Cangas, Mendiño e Martín Codax)’, ‘La Música en Piedra en el Camino de Santiago’ (for the International Congress in Oviedo, 1998), ‘As cantigas do mar de Martín Codax’, ‘Criterios, fontes e materiais para interpretación da música medieval Galega en Galicia’ and ‘O feito diferencial’, among others.
As far as music is concerned, he studied in the Seminary of Lugo with José Castiñeiras and the violinist Ramón Martínez, where he first play the organ. In 1977, he founded ‘In Itinere’ (University Chamber Group), recording many albums that got a great national and international importance.

 Work & Activities

He was Visiting Professor on three occasions at Pennsylvania University (USA) and was on the scientific committee of the Catholic University of Porto. He gave lectures and seminars at different European and American universities. With the Chamber Group he has given concerts for twenty five years in the most important halls of Europe, Africa and America. He created nine records related to the Way to Santiago and the Galician medieval music: ‘A Música en Galicia nos séculos XII e XIII’; ‘La Múscia medieval en Galicia’; ‘Romeros y peregrinos’; ‘In Itinere’; ‘Alfonso X ‘In memoriam’; ‘Qui transitis per viam’; ‘Os sons do Pórtico’; ‘A música nas catedrais galegas, séculos XVI e XVII’; ‘La Música en el Camino de Santiago’ and ‘Trovadores y neotrovadores gallego-portugueses’, these two last records were awarded national discography prizes in 1982 and 1986.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He collaborated as a music critic in El Correo Gallego and La Voz de Galicia and correspondent of the magazine ‘Ritmo’. During a decade (1980 - 1990), he directed the activities of the cultural area of the Vicerectorship (Santiago University). He was awarded the Criticism Prize as director of his group (Vigo, 1982 and 1986) and ‘Galegos do Mundo’ Prize (El Mundo, 2002).
He collaborates as a musical advisor at Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation, under the sponsorship of the foundation that codirected the project for the construction of the Instruments of the ‘Pórtico de la Gloria’ (1990-1994). The 19 pieces, reconstructed by artisans of different European cities, were presented in a concert and then recorded the album ‘Os Sons do Pórtico da Gloria’. He was awarded the Galician Criticism Prize in 1982 and 1986. He also collaborates as an advisor of specialized magazines such as ‘Cuadernos de Música Iberoamericana’, ‘Revista de la Sociedad Española de Musicología’ and the magazine of Pontevedra’s Museum, among others. In 2005, he was the commissioner and editor of the catalogue of the exhibition ‘Tientos e silencios’, dedicated to the composer Jesús Bal y Gay. For 2007 he is preparing the prologues of the editions of the popular songbooks by Torner-Bal y Gay and Casto Sampedro, under the sponsorship of Barrié de la Maza Foundation.