Juan Rogelio García García

Pseudonym: Juan Orol
Category: Actor, producer, scriptwriter and director
Birth Date: In 1893 (†26th May 1988)
Birth Place: Santiso - Lalín (Pontevedra)

Juan Orol emigrated to Venezuela, USA, Cuba and Mexico. In Cuba he carried out many jobs (baseball player, mecánico, boxer and theatre actor). When he was twenty, he returned to Mexico, where he became a bullfighter and made himself known as 'Esparterito'. He combined this job and also worked as a secret policeman until 1928.

 Work & Activities

When he was thirty-three, he began to work as an artistic director in a radio company and collaborated as an actor in several films. Shortly after, he founded Aspa Films and carried out a very important cinematographic career. He last appeared in the cinema as an actor in the comedy Ni modo... así somos (1980).