Juan M. Valcárcel Obelleiro

Category: Painter and teacher
Birth Date: In 1956
Birth Place: Tui (Pontevedra)
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. He started to study Painting in A Coruña in 1967 with Aurelio de Lombera.
. He took a degree in Fine Arts in the Faculty of San Carlos (Valencia) from 1976 to 1981, specialising in painting and restoration.
. In 1983, he taught Drawing at the Secondary School of Santa Uxía de Ribeira (A Coruña).
. In 1984, he began to teach Drawing in the Secondary School of Carballiño (Ourense).
. From 1991 to 1998, he collaborated as a pedagogical technical advisor in the area of Plastic and Visual Education in the CEFOCOP in Ourense.
. In 1990, he specialised in computer-aided Graphic Design, giving courses to teachers in Ourense, Vigo (Pontevedra) and Lugo.
. From 1983 to 1989, he also carried out works related to interior design and decoration as well as corporative image and advertising, aesthetics and identity in public events, page design and promotional material.

 Work & Activities

-1975: ‘Estudi dárt’, collective exhibition (Valencia).
-1976: ‘Estudi dàrt’, collective exhibition (Valencia).
-1977: Individual exhibition in Benimamet (Valencia).
-1978: Individual exhibition in Alboraia (Valencia).
-1979: Urban happening directed by J.M. Yturralde (Valencia) and collective exhibition in the City Council of Valencia.
-1980: ‘Arte de Vanguardia’, happening in the Palaentological Museum of Valencia with J. M. Yturralde and ‘Expressió plástica’, collective exhibition in the Fine Art Museum (Valencia).
-1981: Collective exhibition in the Anthropological Museum of Albacete and ‘Semana cultural de Chirivella’, collective exhibition (Valencia).
-1982: He was selected at San Isidro Second National Painting Contest, Vall de Uxó (Castellón de la Plana).
-1983: ‘Marinero desaparecido en el mar’, memorial at the cemetery, Carreira-Aguiño (A Coruña).
-1984: ‘Segunda semana cultural de Galicia’, collective exhibition (Vimianzo- A Coruña) .
-1986: Aesthetic of the ‘I Mostra de Poesía Galega e Plástica’, O Carballiño (Ourense).
-1989: Scenography with Orballo Teatro and poster for the ‘I Xornadas do Teatro Galego’, O Carballiño (Ourense).
-1990: Posters for the ‘Certame Galego de Música Pop Rock’, O Carballiño (Ourense), ‘I Xornadas Educación e Sociedade’, Santiago (A Coruña) and ‘Campaña escolar de teatro’.
-1991: ‘Profesores de dibujo’, itinerant collective exhibition, Vigo (Pontevedra), posters for the ‘III Festival do Teatro Galego’, O Carballiño (Ourense) and page design of the ‘Libro de Festas do September’, City Council of O Carballiño (Ourense).
-1992: ‘Profesores de dibujo’, itinerant collective exhibition, Vigo (Pontevedra) and poster for the ‘IV Festival de Teatro’, O Carballiño (Ourense).
-1994: He wrote and published the textbook ‘Educación plástica e Visual na ESO’, Editorial Penta.
-1996: Posters for the ‘Festival do Teatro Galego’, O Carballiño and ‘Premio Antón Losada Diéguez’, City Council of Boborás (Ourense) .
-1998: ‘Ollo ao lixo’, itinerant collective exhibition, ADEGA.
-1999: ‘Restos despois da batalla’, individual photographic exhibition, O Carballiño (Ourense), individual painting exhibition organised by the Business Association, O Carballiño (Ourense), ‘Café das Airas’, individual painting and drawing exhibition, O Carballiño (Ourense), ‘Xociviga 99’, collective painting exhibition, Multifuncional, O Carballiño (Ourense), publication of ‘Estamos perdidos’ (a vignette book), ‘Outono fotográfico 1999’ and individual exhibition at Pazo de Esposende, Esposende – Ribadavia (Ourense).
-2000: ‘Ollo ó lixo’, itinerant collective exhibition, ADEGA; individual exhibition in the Campus of Ourense; individual exhibition in the Lyceum (Ourense); individual exhibition in Caixa Vigo e Ourense, Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense); ‘Pro-Bemposta’, collective exhibition (Ourense); ‘Casa do Escudo’, individual exhibition, Verín (Ourense); ‘Claustro Barroco’, individual exhibition, Celanova (Ourense); individual exhibition organised by the Business Association, O Carballiño (Ourense), individual exhibition at Androx Gallery, Vigo (Pontevedra) and individual exhibition at the City Council of Allariz (Ourense).
-2001: Itinerant individual exhibition organised by the Xunta de Galicia (Athenaeum in Ourense’ / Teucro Gallery in Pontevedra / ‘Manuel González Garcés’ Library in A Coruña and Public Library in Lugo); individual exhibition, Área Panorámica – City Council of Tui (Pontevedra); individual exhibition in the Galician Centre of Lisbon (Portugal); individual exhibition, Rúa do Paseo - O Carballiño; collective exhibition at Barna Gallery (Barcelona); ‘Pro-BNG’, collective exhibition, Hostal dos Reis Católicos (Santiago de Compostela); 16th International Art Fair (Valencia); ‘Colección Androx’, collective exhibition, Villablino (León); individual exhibition in the Galician Centre (Barcelona) and ‘Pro-Comité Antisida’, collective exhibition, Caixa Galicia Gallery (Ourense).
-2002: Individual exhibition of the Spanish School in Paris (France); ‘Obras Grandes’, collective exhibition, Ida Sennacheribbo’ Gallery (Barcelona); ‘Irmandade Galega’, individual exhibition in Geneva (Switzerland), selected by the Casa de Galicia in Madrid; individual exhibition in the Galician Centres of Hannover and Cuxhaven (Germany); ‘ARTEXPO’, International Art Fair (Barcelona); ‘Parlamento Europeo’, individual exhibition, Brussels (Belgium); individual exhibition in the County Council (Ourense); ‘Mestres pintores’, collective exhibition (Ourense); ‘Grupo Androx’, collective exhibition, Peñafiel (Valladolid); collective exhibition at Ca-revolta Gallery (Valencia); individual exhibition at Xeito Gallery (Madrid); individual exhibition at the Casa de Galicia in Madrid; collective exhibition at Alameda Gallery (Vigo); Fifth Art Fair (Seville) and collective exhibition at Androx Gallery (Vigo).
-2003: Collective exhibition at Gabernia Gallery (Valencia); individual exhibition at Ida-Sennacheribbo Gallery (Barcelona); ‘Feria de Castilla-León ARCALE’ (Salamanca); collective exhibition at ANNIA Gallery (Salamanca); individual exhibition at ARTE IMAGEN Gallery (A Coruña); individual exhibition at Gabernia Gallery (Valencia); individual exhibition at Iradier9 Gallery (Vitoria); collective exhibition at Visol Gallery (Ourense) and Sixth Art Fair (Seville).
-2004: Individual exhibition at Androx Gallery (Vigo); individual exhibition at El Portal de San Andreu Gallery (Barcelona); individual exhibition at Annia Gallery (Salamanca); ‘V Edición de Arte Galego’, EM-C Gallery (Santiago de Compostela) and collective exhibition at Trisquel and Medulio Galleries, Tui (Pontevedra).
-2005: ‘Unclaimed Luggage’, Fine Art Circle (Madrid); International Art Fair, Gante (Belgium); ‘LINEART 2004’, individual exhibition at Sardón Gallery (León) and individual exhibition at Ida Sennacheribbo Gallery (Barcelona).