Juan Cuveiro Piñol

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 28th May 1821 (†in 1906)
Birth Place: A Coruña

He worked as civil servant at the Local Tax Office but he had to give up his job because of political reasons. In 1842, he founded the first newspaper in Pontevedra known as Las Musas del Lérez. Ten years later he founded La Distracción and La Revista in 1867. He also collaborated in other newspapers in Madrid. He died in Valladolid.

 Work & Activities

Although he was not a philologist, he carried out some interesting works as linguist. The grammar book titled El habla gallega. Observaciones y datos sobre su origen y vicisitudes was published in Pontevedra in 1868. In 1876 he published in Barcelona Galician-Castilian Dictionary. Besides, he wrote in Galician verse the historical drama Pedro Madruga, which was published in Pontevedra in 1897 and a poem titled O mosteiro de Armenteira. Together with Vicente Gutiérrez Piñeiro he wrote the biography about Calderón de la Barca in Galician language, which was published in Granada in 1881.