José Manuel Touriñán López

Category: Professor
Birth Date: 29th October 1951
Birth Place: A Coruña
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-Manager of 'Caixa Galicia-Claudio San Martín' Foundation. -Professor at Santiago University. -Professor at Complutense University until 1979. -Degree and doctor's degree in Pedagogy ('cum laude' mark). -Extraordinary prize for his degree and doctor's degree at Complutense University in Madrid. -Prize to the best scholar, awarded by the Ministry of Education. -Prize to his vocation for research and teaching in Barcelona. -'San José de Calasanz' Prize for pedagogical research in Madrid. -Prize for the end of his career, awarded by the Ministry of Education. -'Gold Badge' at Santiago University (1988). -'Galician silver medal' (1998). -'Gold Badge' at A Coruña University (2000). -Professor at Buenos Aires University (1993). -Director of 'University and Investigation' within the Galician educative Administration (1990-97). -He was responsible for the beginning of the Galician Science and Technology Network and its dependent services to support the university system and the scientific community. These are some of the services: incorporation of the Galician university system to the Latin American University Association of Postgraduate, the Galician magazine of Latin American Scientific Cooperation, the university catalogue of postgraduate and the monograph of statistical data within the Galician university system. -Member of several national and international associations of academical and professional kind related to education. He visited different Universities in Europe, America and China.

 Work & Activities

Lines of inquiry: aims, values, educative systems and network, professional development of pedagogical functions. Pedagogical intervention: explanation of actions and meaning of Education, development of university systems and scientific policy. He published articles and books about the aforementioned lines (over a hundred articles in specialized magazines and fifteen books with ISBN in different publishing houses).

 Other Interesting Aspects

-Collaborator in the Science and Technology Office. -Adviser at the Galician Institute of Latin American Cooperation. -Director of research projects and interactive systems of pedagogical intervention. -Supervisor and collaborator in the European project 'A Ponte'. -He evaluated CIDE-1998 projects, representing the National Agency of Evaluation.