José Luis Vázquez López

Birth Date: In 1944
Birth Place: Monforte de Lemos (Lugo)
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He feels passion for art, culture, research and University. For his articles and reports, he was awarded ‘Julio Argüelles’ Art Criticism Prize in 2006.

He is an art critic of the Spanish Association of Art Critics (Madrid), the Galician Association of Art Critics (Santiago de Compostela) and the International Association of Art Critics (Paris).

He belongs to the Journalists Union and is specialized in Art History. He writes about art, culture and university current events. He published a lot of articles and reports in different newspapers and magazines.

His previous professional activity as an officer at sea algo gave him thorough knowledge about navigation, fishing and merchant navy.

His great experience on protocol helped him to present and plan interesting events in Vigo and Pontevedra.

Nowadays he is the vicepresident of institutional relations of “Amigos y Antiguos Alumnos de la Universidad de Vigo”. He is the editor of “Tres Campus”, which has an important circulation among all the Spanish universities and other from abroad.

He created “INVESTIGACIÓN”, an interesting magazine where researchers present their manuscripts about the different branches of science and technology to spread. The magazine is supported by the University of Vigo and became very successful all around Spain. It is delivered in research centres, laboratories, universities, libraries and institutions.



-Delegate of “ARTE”.

-Director of Cultura Editora in Vigo.

-Delegate and correspondent of “CD” Círculo de Dirigentes.

-Delegate and correspondent of “Arte Galicia Siglo XXI”.

-Collaborator of “Atlántico Diario”.

-President of Editora ICCT and editor of “INVESTIGACIÓN”.

-Vicepresident of institucional relations for the three campus of the University of Vigo (Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra)



-Collaborator in “Aturuxo” and ARTE y CULTURA.

-Editor of “TRES CAMPUS”.

-He goes on as vicepresident of institutional relations of the University of Vigo.




-December 2002: The town councillor responsible for culture in Vigo invited him to take part in a conference called “Vigo, un espacio para la cultura contemporánea, no século XXI”. The conference dealt with the autonomy guarantee in the management of the Contemporary Art Museum of Vigo.

-November 2001: He took part in “Conceptos para entender el Arte Contemporánea”, a course organized by Laxeiro Foundation in Vigo.

 Since August 2001 he has participated in over a hundred events: lectures, exhibitions, art criticism and reports all around Ourense, Pontevedra, Vigo and Portugal.



-2001: He entered the Galician Association of Art Critics (AGCA).

-2002: He entered the Spanish Association of Art Critics (AECA).

-2006: He entered the Journalists’ Union.

-2008: He entered the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) in Paris.

 Work & Activities


-“Vigo y las Ciencias del Mar”. XI Encuentro de “Antiguos Alumnos y Amigos de las Universidades Españolas”, by José Luis Vázquez López and J. Mª Franco García, Social Council of the University of Vigo, 2008.

-“Pedro Dobao”. Trabajo de introducción en la publicación con el título “Inspiración sin límite en el concepto del espacio”. Pontevedra County Council.



-‘CD (Círculo de Dirigentes)’. Monthly and annual circulation. Delegate and correspondent. Publication of articles and reports about culture.

-‘Arte’. Three-monthly circulation. Correspondent. Articles about art.

-‘Arte Galicia siglo XXI’. Three-monthly circulation. Delegate and correspondent. Articles and reports about art.

-‘Aturuxo’. Annual circulation. Articles about art and culture.

-‘Zona Urbana’ (Vigo). Monthly circulation. Various articles.

-‘Foro’. Club Financiero (Vigo)

-‘Tres Campus’. Three-monthly circulation. Editor. Articles about culture and university.

-‘Investigación. Cultura, Ciencia y Tecnología’. Editor. The magazine is supported by the Social Council of the University of Vigo.



He collaborated in ‘Diario Atlántico’ with a temporary section titled “Minuto cultural”.



-“Proceso técnico y escultura de Pedro Dobao”, Pontevedra County Council, Bibliographic Department of the National Library.

-“Técnica Mixta de Vanguardia”, Cuenca County Council.

-“Creatividad, técnica y arte” –Obra de Ambel”, Bar Association (Valencia).

-“Pedro Dobao. De Valdeorras a Vigo”, City Council of Vigo.

-“Vigo Metrópolis”, Pontevedra County Council.


Research work:

“La Isla de León y el Panteón de Marinos Ilustres”.


 Other Interesting Aspects


-Julio Argüelles Art Criticism Prize.

-Plaque of the Artistic Society, Parador de Turismo, Ferrol (A Coruña).

-Two decorations to the naval merit (1996 and 1999).

-Knight of the Order of St Hermenegilde since 1996.

He appears in the credits of ‘Diccionario de Arte Contemporáneo de España’ as an art critic (page 81).