José Lucas Labrada

Category: Civil servant and writer
Birth Date: 18th October 1762 (†In August 1842)
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)

He began to work in the Consulate of A Coruña as a doorkeeper. In 1802, he became secretary of the Consulate. In 1804, he published his work Descripción económica del reino de Galicia, reflecting his economic thought. When the French troops arrived in A Coruña, he was nominated as interpreter of the French head of State. In 1820, he filled the office of secretary of the Auditing Board and two years later, he got the post of secretary of the County Council of Ourense. In 1823, he re-entered the Royal Consulate as secretary.

 Work & Activities

Geography and economy are intimately related in his works such as in Descripción económica del Reyno de Galicia (1803), Historia política, Historia natural, etc.