José López - Suevos Otero

Pseudonym: Pepo Suevos
Category: Actor
Birth Date: 10th september 1971
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)
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-Primary and Secondary Education at Tirso de Molina School (Ferrol).
-Degree in Economics at the University of Santiago de Compostela.
-Business agent and member of the Galician Association of Business Agents.

-‘Mime’ by Alexis.
-‘Story-teller’ by José Campanari.
-‘Clown’ by Good Idea Company.
-‘Theatre (Basic level)’ in Espacio Aberto (Santiago).
-‘Cabaret’ by Ángel Burgos and Luis Llamas.
-‘Dubbing’ by Antonio Mourelos, Ramiro Taboada and Juan Carballido.
-‘Voice Craft’ by Helen Rowson and Viv Manning.
-‘Singing and vowel technique’ for two years in Ames.
-‘Guitar’ for a year in Ames.
-‘Saloon dance’ (third level) at Xoán XXIII Cultural Centre (Santiago).
-Course on several martial arts and self-defence with José Pina (Kick-boxing World Champion) and Emilio Vázquez (Keisi Fighting System).
-Basketball and rugby instructor.
-Languages: Spanish, Galician and English. 

 Work & Activities

-1989, 1990 and 1991: He was a member of ‘Quintana de Vivos’ Theatre Group.
-1998-99: Actor and scriptwriter of several performances of “Los Cencerros de Úbeda” (comic duet) in Santiago and the surroundings.
-2000-2001: Actor and scriptwriter of several performances of “Cirio y Lirio” (comic duet) in Galician schools.
-Since 1999: He carried out over 700 performances as a story-teller, speaker and comic actor in parties and schools all over Galicia.
-2000: Member of “Uvimóvil Teatro”.
-2001: Member of “Os Sete Magníficos máis Un”.
-Member of “Caviar 2002” Cabaret Company.
-Special collaboration with “Bacana” Company in ‘Ratman e Bobin’.
-Dramatized reading of ‘Un domingo á beira do río’ by Vicente Montoto.
-Dramatized reading of ‘A pera’ by Manuel Lourenzo.
-He participated in the recording of ‘Peter Buckley’, a radio theatre play that was awarded the prize organized by ‘Diario cultural’ on Radio Galega (2009).

-1989: Foundation member of “Radio Medellín” in Santiago de Compostela.
-1989, 1990 and 1991: Presenter and scriptwriter of ‘Hablemos del Flexo’ on Radio Medellín.
-1998-1999: Presenter and scriptwriter of ‘Los Cencerros de Úbeda’ on Radio Medellín.
-Summer 1999: Presenter and scriptwriter of ‘Boomerang’ on Radio Obradoiro.
-Creator of “Peportero”, a radio character who walked round the streets of Compostela from a humorous point of view, making interviews for Radio Obradoiro in 1999.
-Collaborator and scriptwriter in several radio stations such as Radio Galega (“Cinecitta”, “Cero en conducta” or “Máis berberechos”), Cadena 100 (100% Santiago) or Radio Obradoiro (several programmes).
-He participated in several programmes on Onda Cero Radio in Santiago de Compostela.
-Usual collaborator on Ames Radio (Ames, A Coruña).
-“Domingo”, a short by Paco Rañal.
-Main actor in “Chourizos e augardente”, a short of the Image and Sound School of Vigo.
-“Trece campanadas” (Continental and others, 2002) by Xavier Villaverde.
-Main actor in “Entre bateas” by Jorge Coira (TV Movie produced by Costa Oeste and others, 2001) (11 ‘Mestre Mateo’ prizes in 2002).
-He was nominated to Mestre Mateo Prizes in 2002 for the best masculine performance in “Entre bateas”.
-Supporting actor in “Ilegal”, a film by Ignacio Vilar (Vía Láctea, 2001).
-Dubbing of “Entre bateas” and “Ilegal” into Galician.
-He participated in “O Camiño de Santiago: a orixe”, a documentary film by Jorge Algora  (Adivina Produccións, 2003).
-Supporting actor in “Heroína” by Gerardo Herrero (Continental, 2004).
-Two prizes in the Cinema Festival of Málaga, 2005.
-Dubbing of “Heroína” into Galician.
-“Rosas” (Mr. Misto, 2004).
-Supporting actor in “Más que hermanos”, a film by Ramón Costafreda (TV Movie produced by Continental TV and others, 2005).
-Dubbing of “Más que hermanos” into Galician.
-Supporting actor in “Chapapote... o no” by Ferrán Llagostera (TV Movie produced by the Centre Promotor de la Imatge and others, 2005).
-“El partido”, a film by Juan Calvo (TV Movie producied by Vaca Films and others, 2006).
-Dubbing of “El partido” into Galician.
-Supporting actor in “El estafador”, a film by Ricard Figueras (TV Movie produced by In Vitro Films, 2006).
-Dubbing of "El estafador" into Galician.
-“Abrígate” by Ramón Costafreda (Continental, 2006).
-Supporting actor in “Una mujer invisible” by Gerardo Herrero (Continental, Milou, Tornasol, 2006).
-Dubbing of “Una mujer invisible” into Galician.
-“Huída de Tijuana 2” by Jorge Saavedra, who was awarded the prize of the jury in the Festival of False Trailers (A Coruña, 2007).
-Supporting actor in “Pradolongo” by Ignacio Vilar (Vía Láctea Filmes, 2007).
-Supporting actor in "Agallas", a film by Andrés Luque and Samuel Martín Mateos, (Continental, 2008).
-Supporting actor in “Conexao”, a short serial coproduced by Portugal, Catalonia and Galicia (Stopline y Continental, 2008).
-Supporting actor in "Conto de Nadal", a TVmovie by Ferrán Llagostera (Centre Promotor de la Imatge, 2009). Original version in Catalonian.
-2000: He participated in “Contacontos” and “Tardes con Ana” on Galician TV.
-“Pase sin llamar” on Localia TV Santiago.
-Presenter of “Sin cuartel” and humourist of “La novia de Tintín”, programmes produced by the Image and Sound School (Vigo).
-2000: “Mareas Vivas” (episode: “Portozás-Canarias”) on TVG. He plays Pancho, the Galician construction worker settled in Tenerife (Video Voz, 2000).
-“Terra de Miranda” on TVG. He plays Metralla, a decadente musician who works as a waiter in a bar (Voz Audiovisual 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 for 138 episodes).
-2002: “Pratos combinados” (episode: “O ladrón de extintores”). He plays Pepe Serrano, the owner of a security firm (Editorial Compostela).
-2004: “Rías Baixas” on TVG (episode: “Peregrinos”). He plays Tito, a well-off homosexual in constant conflict wih his boyfriend (Zenit TV).
-2005: “Rías Baixas” on TVG (episode: “Cuestión de probabilidades”). He plays Mariano Moral, a small businessman envolved in a poisoning plot (Zenit TV).
-2004: “As leis de Celavella” on TVG (episode: “O home que odiaba ós santos”. He played a double life plaster artisan (Voz Audiovisual).
-2005: “Hospital Central” on Telecinco (episode: “Examen de conciencia”). He plays Enrique, a chronic sick man who refuses to admit it (Videomedia and Estudio Picasso).
-2006: TVG “Pepe o Inglés” on TVG (episode: “Os contedores do lixo“) by Celso Castromil. He plays a taxi driver who gets in violent interest conflict with one of the characters (CTV).
-2006: “Quart” on Antena 3 (2nd episode). He plays a chamber music who was witness of a crime (Zeppelin TV).
-“MIR” on Telecinco. He plays José, an irresponsable father of an obese child (Videomedia and Estudio Picasso, 2007).
-He participated as an actor in the show of the 8th edition of Álvaro Cunqueiro Prizes on TVG (Prodher TV, 2002).
-Temporary collaborator in “Luar” (TVG, 2002).
-Collaborator as story-teller in “O pé da letra” (TVE in Galicia).
-Dubbing into Galician with several characters in “Milagros”, “Soledad”, “Desafío total”, “Rubí”… on TVG (CTV, 2002 - 2005).
-Dubbing of “Power Rangers” into Spanish on Antena 3 TV (2005).
-Collaboration in “Noite Brava” on TVG as sponsor of O Carballiño (Costa Oeste, 2003).
-2004: He participated in “Os Tonechos van presos”, “Os Tonechos de película”, “Os Tonechos van á escola”, “Os Tonechos e os pícaros” and “Os Tonechos e a lotería de Nadal”, TVG (Prodher).
-Actor in “O show dos Tonechos” (Prodher, 2005) (TVG 2006, 2007 and 2008).
-2006: He collaborated as a monologuist in “O Programón” (TVG).
-2008: "Os Atlánticos" on TVG. He plays a rather peculiar debt collector (Filmanova).
-2009: Scriptwriter and comic actor in “Quen toca?” (Pórtico). 

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has combined his artistic activity with several jobs since 1994 (barman, security guard and DJ from 1193 to 2002 in several pubs in Santiago de Compostela (Coyote Karaoke 93/94, Número K 94/00, Cactus 96/98, After 99/00, Casting Araguaney 00/01, Retablo 01/02 and Mala Vida 2002).
He is the owner of Suevos Asociados S.L. The firm is qualified for the promotion, production and organization of artistic and cultural events.