José Guerra Campos

Category: Bishop and writer
Birth Date: In 1920 (†15th July 1997)
Birth Place: Ames (A Coruña)

He entered the Seminary in Santiago and was ordained as a priest in Lugo in 1944. He took a degree in Theology at the Pontifical University in Salamanca and also studied at the Gregorian University in Rome. He taught Theology, Introduction to the Gospels and Philosophy History at the seminary in Santiago. He also taught in the Institute of Religious Culture and the Faculties of Medicine an Pharmacy. He edited the bulletin 'Compostela' of the Apostle's Brotherhood and was a member of 'Padre Sarmiento' Institute of Galician Studies and the Centre of Studies on St. James. He was also the secretary of the meeting of the Holy Years and consultant of the Spanish Bishopric in the archaeological excavations of the cathedral. In 1964, he was nominated as Bishop of Mutis and assistant of Madrid-Alcalá. He participated in the sessions of the Second Vatican Council (taking part in the constitution 'Gaudium et Spes'). In 1973, he was elected deputy and Bishop of Cuenca.

 Work & Activities

His Guía de la Catedral is a work that has not been overcome yet. These are some of his most important books: Bibliografía de las Peregrinaciones (1947), Una hipótesis reciente sobre la traslación de Santiago (1953), La Perenette y el Camino de Santiago (1955), El descubrimiento del cuerpo de Santiago en Compostela (1956), Relicario de la Iglesia Católica de Santiago (1959), El Sepulcro de Santiago (1975), Juicio católico del marxismo (1969), Aspectos teológicos de la conquista del espacio (1970), La monarquía católica (1976), Ateísmo hoy (1971),...

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the secretary of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, president of the Spanish Commission of Childhood and president of the Spanish Catholic Commission of Childhood.