Ánxel Casal Gosende

Category: Publisher
Birth Date: 17th December 1895 (†18th August 1936)
Birth Place: A Coruña

Although he was still young, he emigrated to Argentina in 1909. Shortly after, he came back to Galicia but he emigrated again to France. In 1914, he volunteered for the military service. In 1916, he joined the movement of the Irmandades da Fala taking part in the Assembly in Lugo in 1918. In 1920, he married María Miramontes Mato. Together with his friend Leandro Carré, he founded the Printing House Lar in 1924 and a year later, the magazine Nós was printed. Two years later they left each other and Casal founded the Printing House Nos, which continued to print the magazine of the same name. The newspapers A Nosa Terra and El Momento were also printed here. Galician intellectual people paid him a tribute in 1934 because of his contribution to Galician culture. In 1936, he became mayor in Santiago and Vice-president of the County Council Offices in A Coruña. When the revolt against the Republic took place, he was arrested and taken to prison. Shortly after, he was found dead on the road.

 Work & Activities

Ánxel Casal published a catalogue with all the books published in the Printing House Nós between 1927 and 1935 such as O Mariscal by Ramón Cabanillas, Vieiros by Carballo Calero, Orballo da media noite by Blanco Torres, Cousas, Os dous de sempre, Cincoenta homes por dez reás and Retrincos by Castelao, Beiramar by Cotarelo Valledor, Mar ao Norde by Cunqueiro, De catro a catro by Manuel Antonio, O porco de pé by Vicente Risco, Arredor de sí by Otero Pedrayo among many others