José García Rodríguez

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 20th February 1906

When he was still a child, he already showed his vocation for music. When he was twelve he became a member of a choral society ('Orfeón Gallego') and when he was fourteen he began to play the trumpet in the Municipal Band of Lugo. In 1923, he travelled to Buenos Aires, where he studied violin. In 1931, he returned to Lugo and joined 'Rocho Musical' Choral Society. Besides, he conducted the choir 'Frores e silveiras' (1940), the group of minstrels 'Educación y descanso' (1944) and the choir 'Cántigas e frores' (1948-1964). In 1965, he began to work as a musical adviser at 'Eijo Garay' School. In 1975, he began to conduct the choir 'Xolda'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He filled several offices in the Philharmonic Society of Lugo.