José García Costas

Category: President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vigo
Birth Date: 4th June 1944
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

-Chairman in ELECTROMECÁNICA NAVAL E INDUSTRIAL, S. A. (EMENASA), MECÁNICA NAVAL-MECANASA, S.A. and BALIÑO, S.A., (auxiliary shipbuilding sector firms).
-Director of ASGALO, S.A (shipyard), PROYECTOS DE INGENIERÍA BEIRAMAR, S.A. (engineering consultancy), STANFOR NORTE, S.A. (electrical machinery for shipbuilding applications) and RICARDO TERRÉ, S.L. (sound equipment and musical instruments).
-Vice-Chairman and Member of the board in H. J. BARRERAS, S.A. (shipyard) and Member of the Board in FRANCISCO CARDAMA, S.A.(shipyard), CLUB FINANCIERO DE VIGO, S.A. and R. C. CELTA DE VIGO, S.A.D.
-Mr. García Costas is also a member of the University of Vigo’s Social Commitee, and of its Economic Commission, appointed by the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Autonomous Government).

 Work & Activities

-Member of the Chamber of Commerce’s General Assembly since June 10th 1998, and elected as a member of its Executive Comité, he was elected as President of the Chamber and Chairman of its executive commitee on June 5th 2002.
-Representing the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. García Costas makes part of the governing organs in several organisations such as Vigo’s Fair and Exhibition Institution (IFEVI), Vigo’s Free Trade Zone Consortium, Vigo’s Port Authority Council, CAIXANOVA (Savings Bank), INCYDE Foundation, CAMERPYME, S.A. and, of course, the General Assembly of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce Council.