José Fouce Meilán

Pseudonym: Pepe Fouce
Category: Civil servant
Birth Date: In 1940
Birth Place: Lugo

He studied Chartered Accountancy and Teaching in Lugo and Commerce Teaching in A Coruña. He worked at several companies and since 1958, he has been working as a civil servant in the City Council of Lugo. He combined his work as a civil servant with other activities such as administrative management, accountancy and teaching. He worked as an assistant lecturer at the Trade School in Lugo. In 1969, he brought the computing system into operation in the City Council of Lugo; nowadays he is the head of the computing service. He also participated in the Culture Area of the City Council, organising the Bibliographic Conferences of the Iberian Languages. He carried out an important syndical activity, he was the president of the teaching syndicate, secretary of the Association of Civil Servants of the Local Administration, founder and general secretary of the Independent Syndicate of Civil Servants and president and member of the staff of the City Council for several years. He was the secretary of the Chess Club of the 'Círculo de las Artes' (Lugo) and first president of the Chess Federation of Lugo. He was also the founder and president of the ecologist association ASAMDENA. He collaborated in the radio station 'Radio Lugo' as an announcer and was the president of the Musical Club and director of the Cinematographic Group of the 'Círculo de las Artes'. He was also a theatre actor and directed the Theatre Room in Lugo that performed a dozen classic and modern plays. He also participated in some films of amateur cinema and represented the character 'Pelúdez' on TV.