Jesús Otero Calvo

Category: Teacher
Birth Date: 20th August 1950
Birth Place: Podente - Monterroso (Lugo)

He studied Teaching and took a degree in Geography and History. He directed and worked as a teacher at ‘Leiras Pulpeiro’ Secondary School in Lugo, as well as in Sarria, Mondoñedo and Monterroso (Lugo) and directed ‘San Rosendo’ Secondary School in Mondoñedo and the Secondary School of Monterroso. He got the certificate on Pedagogical Aptitude and attended courses on Beginning and Improvement of Galician Language, Physical Education, Methodology and Didactics of History in the Secondary Education and Basic Computer Science. Besides, he presented the lecture ‘La Función Directiva con la Ley de Calidad’” in the Third Galician Meeting of Educators and Training, participated as an assistant in the Secondary Education Teams, coordinated the standing seminar ‘Educación Física. Estudios sobre el Deporte Escolar’, participated in the Conferences on Physical Education, in the Conferences on the Project of the Educational System Reform, as an assistant to the conferences ‘La Informática Aplicada a la Educación’” (30 hours) and ‘Los Nuevos Medios aplicados a la Enseñanza’ (30 hours) and as a rapporteur in the teacher training courses ‘Estudios de los Objetivos Generales y Criterios de Evaluación’ and ‘Evaluación de Centros’ (30 hours). He also attended the Fourth Course on Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine and the First Conference of the ‘Grupo de Rehabilitación y Deporte de la S.E.R.’ and the seminar ‘Inmigración y Educación. La intervención de la Comunidad Educativa’ (2003).

He was the Subdelegate of the Spanish Government in Lugo.