Jaime Alberto Pita Varela

Category: Politician and teacher
Birth Date: In 1944
Birth Place: Betanzos (A Coruña)

He is a teacher of Secondary Education and worked in several centres such as the School of Marine and Fishing Orientation. In addition to his participation in literacy campaigns for adults in Africa, Jaime Pita got a diploma in Directive Techniques at Navarra and Santiago Universities. He is the president of the 'PP' local committee in Betanzos, a member of the board of directors and provincial executive in A Coruña, the 'PPdeG' executive committee and provincial vice-secretary of the 'PP'. He has also been a member of the Galician Parliament since 1989, where he has been assistant spokesman of the Popular Group, spokesman of Education, secretary of the Economy Commission, member of the standing committee and spokesman of the Commission for the relations with the 'Consello de Contas'. Since 1997, he has been spokesman of the popular parliamentary group and 'Conselleiro de Presidencia' since 1989.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a widower and has two daughters.