Isidoro Hornillos Baz

Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 27th April 1957
Birth Place: Castronuño (Valladolid)
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He has been living in Galicia since he was eight. He took a doctor's degree in Physical Education at the Autonomous University in Madrid. He became national athleticism trainer and nowadays he combines his job as teacher at the National Institute of Physical Education in Galicia with research works and his activity as technical director at the Galician Federation of Athleticism. As an athlete, he became national record holder and Spanish champion and took part in the Games Moscow-1980. He still keeps the Galician records (100, 200 and 400 metres). During his sports life, he signed up for the club 'Real Club Deportivo de A Coruña', where he was awarded with the gold and brilliant decoration. He also trained the hockey club 'Liceo Caixa Galicia' in A Coruña becoming champion of the National League in the first division, European champion and Champion of the Intercontinental Cup. He also trained the Spanish hockey on skates team and was subdirector of the National Institute of Physical Education in Galicia.

 Work & Activities

BOOKS: -Hornillos, I and Tuimil, J.L. (1994), Introducción al estudio de las habilidades atléticas. Centro gallego de documentación y ediciones deportivas, INEF de Galicia. -Hornillos, I. and Tuimil J.L. (1995), Habilidades atléticas básicas, 'Lea' Publications, Santiago. -Camiña, F. and Hornillos, I. (1997), Entrenamiento en seco de los nadadores de competición, 'Lea' Publications, Santiago. -Hornillos, I. (2000), Andar y correr, 'Inde' Publications, Barcelona. -Hornillos, I. (2000), Atletismo, 'Inde' Publications, Barcelona.