Gumersindo Meiriño Fernández

Category: Theologian
Birth Date: 14th february 1966
Birth Place: Oseira (Ourense)

He studied Ethics, Philosophy and Theology.

In 1991, he was ordained as a priest and practised his activity in Spain, Ecuador and Argentina.

He took his doctor’s degree in Theology at the University of Navarra with a work about Responsible Paternity.

He worked for three years in the spiritual attention with ill people of the University Clinic of Navarra.

He was a Professor at universities and Secondary schools of several countries.

Nowadays, he is married and is a missioner, writer and lecturer. He also directs the radio programme “De Oriente a Occidente” which is broadcasted in over forty countries.

He is the joint author of ‘Reiki Crístico’ method and ‘Camino a lo Sagrado’ transcendental meditation method.

He collaborates in different media and participates in international conferences.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following books about Theology and spirituality: “Dios y la Belleza”, “Leer el Evangelio con ojos nuevos”, “Conversaciones en el convento”, “De la angustia a la paz”, “De las tinieblas a la luz”, “Los sueños se hacen realidad”, “La ventana abierta”, “De empresario a Santo en colaboración con el Padre”, “Isorna, el de auto ayuda”, “Buenas Noticias del Padre Gumer” and “Reiki Crístico” (in collaboration with María Benetti Meiriño).