Gregorio Baudot Puente

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 12th March 1884 (†December 1938)
Birth Place: Colmenar Viejo (Madrid)

After studying at the Music Conservatoire in Madrid, he entered the Corps of conductors of military music bands in 1910. One year later, he became conductor of the Band of the Marines in Ferrol.

 Work & Activities

His most important work is the opera Cantuxa, written by the playwright Adolfo Torrado. He also composed the following works: Lugo-Ferrol; Os fillos de Canido; Himno a España; Himno a los poetas (written by Sofía Casanova); Gran Misa; Gloria, gloria; Al Segundo Regimiento de Infantería de Marina; El tren de la alegría and several 'paso dobles'. I

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1911, he got a prize at the Floral Games in Ferrol with Himno a España and the first prize in the International Contest of Military Bands in Vigo in 1915.