Gerardo Fernández Albor

Category: Doctor and politician
Birth Date: 7th September 1917
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

-Doctor's degree in Medicine and Surgery. -Ex-president of the Xunta de Galicia. -Ex-president of the political party 'Partido Popular' in Galicia and Spain. -Ex-European parliamentary of Foreign Affairs (two sessions). -President of the Spanish Committee of PANEUROPE. -Honourable president of the political party 'Partido Popular' in Galicia. -Adviser at the 'Consellería de Presidencia' within the Xunta de Galicia. Vice president of the Latin American Centre for the Relations with Europe. -Founder and director of the 'La Rosaleda' Polyclinical Institute. -Ex-head of the service of the Centre of Diagnosis and Treatment 'Concepción Arenal'. -Member of the Institute of Galician Language. -Member of 'Penzol' Foundation. -Member of 'Brañas - Rosalía - Otero Pedrayo' Foundation. -Member of the Studies, Publications and Works Society (SEPT). -Founder of the Galician Christian Democracy (DCG). -Founder of the 'Museo do Pobo Galego'. -Founder of the institution Galician Integral Development (DEIGA). -Founder of the Surgical Medical Academy in Santiago de Compostela. -Founder of the Galician Surgery Society.