Francisco Prada Gayoso

Birth Place: Portela, Valdeorras (Ourense)
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Degrees: Economist: Degree in Politic and Economic Sciences at the Complutense University, Madrid (1970). He is a member of the Economists Association (Madrid) and member of the REFOR (Spanish Register of Forensic Economists). Lawyer: Degree in Law at the Spanish Open University, Madrid (1993). He is a member of the Bar Association (Madrid). Mercantile Professor: School of Mercantile Studies, A Coruña (1966). Auditor: Spanish Institute of Chartered Accountants, Madrid (1976). He is a member of the Spanish Institute of Chartered Accountants and the R.O.A.C. Finances Inspector: Spanish Treasury (1973) (leave of abscence).

 Work & Activities

Experience as a Professor: Nowadays: • Nebrija University, Madrid. Professor of Bankruptcy Law. Previous: • Complutense University, Madrid. Professor of Finances and Tax Systems. • Public University of Bilbao. Professor of Business Analysis and Valuation. Professor of Balance Analysis. Professional experience. Public sector: • 4 years (1998-01). Managing director of the “Fundación de la Empresa Pública”. • 2 years (1996-98). President of the State Industrial Agency (May 1996 – September 1997) and vice-president of the SEPI (September 1997 – March 1998). • 2 years (1996-97). President of ACERALIA, S.A. • Responsible for the privatization processes of several public firms: Aceralia, Sefanitro, Astilleros Barreras, Astilleros de Santander, Surgiclinic Plus and Potasas de Subiza. • Negotiator in the acquisitions and fusions of several iron & steel firms as a previous step to the privatization of Aceralia: José María Aristrain, S.A.; Grupo Velasco, S.A. • 5 years (1973-77). Finances inspector in Cáceres and Bilbao.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Professional experience. Private sector: Nowadays: • Foundation member of “Despacho Prada y Asociados, S.L.”. • President of the board of directors of “Bodegas Valdesil, S.L.” (Valdeorras – Ourense) and “Quinta del Cuervo, S.A.” (El Bierzo – León). Previous: • President of the board of directors of “Olarra, S.A.”, ?2.000 workers, iron & steel works, Bilbao (Spain) and “Forjas de Amorebieta, S.A.”. • Managing director of Cuñado Group (distribution of tubular products, Madrid).