Francisco Orallo Cambeiro

Category: Professor and researcher
Birth Date: 17th February 1958
Birth Place: Lugo
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He took a degree and a doctor's degree in Pharmacy at Santiago de Compostela University. From 1981 to 1983, he enjoyed a scholarship in the Farmacology Department (Faculty of Pharmacy - Santiago de Compostela University). He worked as an assistant lecturer for several years and he has been a Professor of Pharmacology at Santiago de Compostela University since the year 2000. He enjoyed a scholarship to attend doctorate courses and was a guest professor at the Laboratory of Vascular Pharmacology, dependent on the Department of Pharmacology and Thearapeutics (Faculty of Medicine - 'Complutense' University - Madrid) to learn about cellular cultures and techniques with radioisotopes (1987). He was also a guest Professor of the Vascular Electrophysiology Unit of the Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology (Louis Pasteur University - Strasbourg (France)) to learn 'patch-clamp' electrophysiological techniques and microphotometry in vascular cells (1992).

 Work & Activities

He was the main researcher of several research projects, subsidised by different institutions. He published many articles in famous international magazines on Pharmacology such as "British Journal of Pharmacology", "Pharmacology and Therapeutics", "Molecular Pharmacology", "Journal of Medicinal Chemistry", "European Journal of Pharmacology", etc-. He also directed doctoral thesis and twenty-five minor thesis and was the referee of important magazines on Pharmacology such as 'British Journal of Pharmacology' and 'Life Sciences'. He also evaluates projects in the Pharmacology and Physiology area.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following research prizes: 'Eloy Díez' Prize (1984), the prize awarded by the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Chemestry (1987), honourable mention at 'Dr Esteve Foundation' Research Prize (1992), 'Dolores Trigo' Prize (1993) and 'Xunta de Galicia' Research Prize (1996). He also got the extraordinary prize for his degree (1979-80) and his doctor's degree (1983-84) at Santiago de Compostela University. He is very keen on scientific research and classic music. He is a member of the 'New York Academy of Sciences', the 'American Association for the Advancement of Science', the 'Amercian Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET)', the 'Spanish Society of Therapeutic Chemestry', the 'Spanish Society of Pharmacology', the 'Spanish Society of Pharmacology' and the 'International Pharmaceutical Society of the Latin Mediterranean'. He was a foundation member of the Spanish Society of Pharmacognosy and Pharmacodynamics. There are some references of his biography in the following books Who´s who in the world (since 1997), Who´s who in Science and Engineering (since 1998), Who's who in Medicine and Healthcare (since 1999), 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century, International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England (since 1999) and Five Hundred Leaders of Influence (ABI, American Biographical Institute) (since 1999)