Flor Fernández Santamarina

Category: Sculptor and Photographer
Birth Date: 4th April 1953
Birth Place: Verín (Ourense)
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After a decade devoted to photojournalism, she started her career as a ceramist sculptor in 1995. She combines sculpture with documentary and artistic photography and children literature.
She has participated in collective exhibitions such as 'Galiciarte' in the European Parliament (Brussels) with the Galician Association of ARt and Culture and the 14th edition of Mostra Mercato Nazionale di Arte Contemporanea (Brescia, Italia).
She has also exhibited her works at Ourense's Museum with a series of works inspired in music (Oda ó Violín) and at St Estevo Monastery with Xosé Rivada (sculptor). As a photographer, she has participated in 'Otoño Fotográfico de Ourense' with 'Pequeñas Historias'.
Both as a sculptress and photographer, Flor Fernández uses an organic and intuitive plastic language that evokes moments of intimacy, silence and poetry. Her work combines a fresh and direct narration with fantasy of surrealist inspiration in which the artist projects her prolific creative ability.
In 2007 and 2008 she collaborates with a story section in 'Somos Libres', a radio programme directed by Marcos Sueiro at COPE Barco de Valdeorras. In 2009, she published 'Contos que no son contos', her first work for children, published by the Galician Association of Art and Culture.

 Work & Activities

2003. 'Barro e Ferro', Casa do Escudo, Verín (Ourense)
2004. 'Oda ó Violín', Ourense's Museum (Ourense).
2005. 'Homenaxe á Ribeira Sacra', Cloister of St Estevo Monastery, Rivas do Sil (Ourense) together with Xosé Rivada.
2008: Gallery of the City Council of Lekeitio, Lekeitio (Vizcaya).
2010: 'Correos con el arte', Gallery of the Post Office, San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) and 'O soño da materia', Auditorium (Ourense).

From 2000 to 2004:
With 'Colectivo Tierra y Color': Juan Larrea Gallery (Bilbao); K. Toño Gallery (Bilbao); Gallery of the Castle of Castro Urdiales (Santander); Aixerrota Gallery, Getxo (Vizcaya); Casino, Bermeo (Vizcaya); Indautxu Hotel (Bilbao); Parador Nacional (Cádiz); Cocherito Club (Bilbao) and Casa Vasca (Madrid).
From 2005 to 2007:
-‘Polimorfías Cromáticas’ with the Galician Association of Art and Culture (Santiago de Compostela, Lugo and Ourense).
-‘Conexión 8’, St Estevo Monastery, Luintra (Ourense).
-‘Oriente revisa su imagen del Quijote a través de lo contemporáneo’ together with several Arab artists, Athenaeum (Málaga).
-‘Divergenxias’, with the Galician Association of Art and Culture, Casino Atlántico (A Coruña).
-‘De las orillas del Sar a los ojos del Guadiana’, Argamansilla de Calatrava (Ciudad Real).
-‘Cervantes e O Quixote’, Araguaney Foundation (Santiago de Compostela).
-‘Insulas’, Casino La Toja (Pontevedra).
-‘Miradas de Agua y Arena’, Gran Hotel Santiago (Santiago de Compostela).
-‘O Támega e as suas margens’, Cultural Centre of Chaves (Portugal).
-‘Oriente revisa su imagen del Quijote’, Cultural Centre of Siria (Madrid).
-‘Galiciarte’, collective exhibition with Galician artists, European Parliament, Brussels (Belgium).
-‘15ª Bienal del Alto Támega’ with Tamagani Association, Chaves (Portugal).
-Collective exhibition with the Galician Association of Art and Culture, St Estevo Monastery, Luintra (Ourense).
-‘14ª Mostra Mercato Nazionale Di Arte Contemporanea’ with Ruiz Picasso Gallery of Málaga, Montichiar, Brescia (Italy).
-‘Certame Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo’ with Ruiz Picasso Gallery (Málaga).
-‘Mozart y la música’ with the Galician Association of Art and Culture, Gran Hotel Santiago (Santiago de Compostela).
-Collective exhibition at the Cultural Centre of Chaves (Portugal).
-'SINESTESIA', exhibition with AGAEC Association, Lar Galego (Sevilla).
-'Eurociudad Verín-Chaves. Muestra de artistas portugueses y gallegos' (itinerant exhibition).
-'Verín-arte', Casa do Escudo, Verín (Ourense).

-'Contos que no son contos", a compilation of stories for children, published by the Galician Association of Art and Culture (2009).

-"Diccionario Internacional de arte y literatura" (2006).
-"Creadores III", Aires de Córdoba (2006).
-"Ellas en el arte", Aires de Córdoba (2008).
-"100 mulleres artistas emerxentes", Xunta de Galicia.

-‘Homenaje a Freud’ with the Galician Association of Art and Culture, Gran Hotel Santiago (Santiago de Compostela).
-‘Otoño Fotográfico’, individual exhibition, Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense).
-‘Ciudad de mujeres. Una mirada de género’, collective exhibition at the Lyceum (Ourense).
-‘Socios da Tamagani’ with Tamagani Association, Cultural Centre of Chaves (Portugal).
-2006. 'Pequenas Historias', 'Outono Fotográfico de Ourense', photography exhibition in Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Some of her works can be found at the Casino of Bermeo (Vizcaia), the Engineering School (Logroño), the City Council of Basauri (Vizcaia), the City Council of Verín (Ourense), Faro de Castro Urdiales (Cantabria), Ourense's Museum (Ourense), Casino of A Toxa (Pontevedra) and Les Recontres de Maubourguet (France).

-Honourable mention at Acea's International Contest (2003).
-Finalist at the Plastic Arts Prize in Basauri (Vizcaya).
-Prize for artist women, Basauri (Vizcaya).
-Finalist for the photo-illustration agenda, Algete - Madrid (2008 and 2009).

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