Fernando Rodríguez Corcoba

Category: Politician, lawyer and civil servant
Birth Date: 21st March 1948
Birth Place: A Coruña

He took a degree in Law at Santiago University and practised as a lawyer from 1988 to 1991. He is also a civil servant and juridical adviser of several companies. In 1984, he was the president of the governing body of the Provincial Foundation for the Improvement of Rural Houses, dependent on the 'Consellería de Presidencia'. In 1986, he became general secretary of the 'Consellería de Educacion'. In 1991, he was nominated as provincial delegate of the 'Consellería de Traballo e Servicios Sociais' in A Coruña for two years (1991-1993). Then, he was elected provincial delegate of the 'Consellería de Xustiza, Interior e Relacións Laborais'. After entering the provincial government in 1996, he was subdelegate of the Spanish Government today. He was a member of the Galician Parliament (PP).