Eva Carreras

Category: Singer
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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She was always a restless girl with a big smile, who liked to do all sort of activities related to art, music, dance and sport.
She practises many activities that have completed her education: solfa, theatre, ballet, Galician dancing, contemporary dance, ballroom dancing, jazz dance, swimming and taekwondo.
Eva is the youngest of five brothers and art has also been present in her family. Her mother was a singer although she never had the opportunity to devote herself to music. Her father was good at singing, but he decided it was not his true vocation. Some of his brothers are also artists, her elder sister, Paula Carreras, is an excellent pianist and his brother, David Carreras, is a great plastic artist.
She took a degree in Physical Education and Sport and specialised in Aerobic Gym and Swimming.
Her professional activity started when she was eighteen. It was then that she began to sing in “Philadelphia”. She sang at banquets with this group for three years. After this stage, she decided to found her own group, “As Meigas”, collaborating with her sister Telma Carreras. This musical trio lasted for two years and was successful for its originality, happiness and professionalism.
She worked in a professional theatre company (“Teatro do Morcego”) in Cangas (Pontevedra) for five years. She made her debut in “Branca Rosa e os Piratas” and went on with the popular “Os vellos non deben de namorarse” by Castelao, as well as other performances like “La gran ilusión” by Eduardo Filippo and “Momo” by Michael Ende. Together with Miro Magariños, she made a show for the celebration of the Honey Party in several Galician villages.
She became famous for her participation at “Operación Triunfo”.
Nowadays, she goes on with her education, she has finished a course on Aerobic and studies guitar with Miguel de Santiago, a famous flautist and composer.