Ernesto Lagarón Vidal

Birth Date: In 1951
Birth Place: Veigas de Piñeira – A Fonsagrada (Lugo)

He left Galicia when he was sixteen and moved to Barcelona, where he started his professional activity as an apprentice in a garage. In 1969, he began to work in a Post Office, first as a postman and then as head and coordinator of the Delivery Inspection Department (1989). He started activities related to Galician culture in 1978, participating in all the events organized in Barcelona. In 1982, he promoted the creation of ‘Saudade’, a Galician cultural association for promoting Galician culture and traditions. He has been the president of the association for eighteen years, carrying out projects for promoting Galician culture and inviting important cultural and political people such as Ramón Piñeiro, Filgueira Valverde, Alonso Montero, Manuel Fraga, Jordi Pujol, Mariano Rajoy, Pasqual Maragall and Joan Clos. Besides, he worked for the Federation of Galician Entities in Catalonia, drawing up the rules and being the first president.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded Galicia’s Medal in Santiago de Compostela (2001). ‘O Foro da Terra Galega’ elected him as ‘Galego do ano’ in Barcelona in February 2003.