Enrique Mariñas Romero

Category: radio commentator
Birth Date: in 1912 († 16th June 1979)
Birth Place: Madrid

Although he was born in Madrid, he came to A Coruña when he was still a baby. His brothers were also born in A Coruña. When he was twenty-one years old, he took his degree in Law at Santiago University. He worked as a radio commentator in Radio Coruña, since it was founded in 1934. This same year he was nominated as director in RNE (Spanish National Radio) in A Coruña and worked until his death in 1979. He was passionately fond of football rebroadcast. He worked for almost thirty years with his friend Matías Prats. He was also good at bullfighting sketches. He married Mª Carmen Lage and had seven children.

 Work & Activities

In addition to his activity as radio commentator, he gave many lectures and wrote a posthumous book titled La jugada final (a selection of sports commentaries published in different newspapers) and other one, which is unfinished, titled Por el mundo detrás de un balón.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Enrique Mariñas got many prizes for his activity as radio commentator and medals such as the silver medal for sports merit, the military and naval-merit crosses and the silver medal for work merit.