Eliseo Calviño Lema

Category: Hotel businessman
Birth Date: 26th September 1943
Birth Place: San Pedro de Corcoesto, Cabana de Bergantiños (A Coruña)
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He started his studies on Humanities at the Seminary in Santiago de Compostela and went on with technical studies at the time he practised teaching. Afterwards, he studied Law.

 Work & Activities

He emigrated to several European countries during the 70’s, holding several positions of responsibility and carrying out social activities for the emigrant group.
In 1972 he created the first Galician Centre in Nuremberg (Germany), being also the president.
He returned to Galicia in the 80’s and together with other emigrant professionals he founded “La Constructora S.C.L”, a social and labour cooperative dedicated to the hiring of works and services. He is the majority member and managing director of the firm.
In 1987 he entered the hotel business with business premises at María Pita Square in A Coruña.
In 1996 he was elected president of the Hotel Businessmen Provincial Association, being successful in the acquisition and construction of the School for Hotel Management in A Coruña.
In 1999 he participated in the foundation of CAYPE (Confederation of Self-employed people and Professionals of Spain), together with the president and the rest of representatives of FEAGA (Galician Federation of Self-employed People). He was nominated as first president and got great advances such as the place for the national head office in Galicia, specifically in A Coruña. He also carried out an intense activity during the elaboration of the Law for Statute of Self-employment.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has three children.