Eduardo Toba Muiño

Category: Doctor and sportsman
Birth Date: 14th May 1923 (†3rd August 2001)
Birth Place: Muxía (A Coruña)

He studied Medicine in Santiago and Madrid, specialising in Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. When he was young, he was a Spanish championship in hop, step and jump and 110m hurdles. He became a national football trainer and trained Deportivo F.C. and other teams. He also trained Costa Rica selection and Sport Herediano. In 1968, he was elected selector but he gave up in 1969. He directed the National School of Trainers and was the president of the National Association.

 Work & Activities

He wrote many sports and medical works such as Preparación física del fútbol, Biomecánica de la cadera, Rehabilitación de la astroplastia de la cadera, Calcificaciones ectópicas post-operatorias en astroplastia de la cadera, Un caso de meloreostosis and Tratamiento de parálisis faciales.