Daniel Varela Piñeiro

Birth Date: 12th December 1920 (†March 2011)
Birth Place: Lugo

-Degree in Veterinary Medicine.
-Head of the Veterinary Section at the Hygiene Institute in Lugo.
-Provincial inspector of Veterinary Health in Lugo.
-Graduate Studies in Health.
-Sanitary officer.
-Sanitary technical director of Frigoríficos Industriales de Galicia –FRIGSA.
-Teacher of several courses for doctors, pharmacists and veterinary surgeons.
-Member of the American Genetic Association.
-Secretary of the Veterinary Association of Lugo for 33 years.
He worked at the laboratory and central park of Military Veterinary, at the Institute of Animal Biology and the section of Virus and Anti-rabies Vaccine and the Rabies Service of the National Health School. In this centres, he attended several courses on bacteriology, virus and rickettsias, as well as bromatological analysis. He also visited the most important European slaughterhouses, dairies and cold-storage plants to make studies and memories about them.
-Alonso de Herrera Patronage gave him a grant to carry out studies on Genetics and improved Galician cattle raising at the Biological Mission of Galicia (Pontevedra).
-The High Council for Scientific Research awarded him a special grant in 1955 to complete his previous studies.
-He was on the research veterinary team. In 1985, Alonso Martín Escudero Foundation awarded this team a grant for two years in order to study virosis and parasitism of Galician cattle.
He collaborated in:-International Conference on Meat Inspection, Lisbon (1955).
-I, II and III International Conferences on Zootecnia.
-‘II, III, IV y V Reuniones de Sanitarios Españoles’. He presented “Estado actual de los servicios sanitarios en las industrias de la alimentación, sugerencias para una organización más efectiva”.
-XVI World Conference on Veterinary, Madrid (1959). Collaboration: “Una aportación al diagnóstico coprológico de la distonatosis hepática”.
-‘I, II y III Asamblea General del Frío’.
-III Simposium of L’ International Association of Veterinary Fool Higieniste, Niza (1962).
-III National Veterinary Week, Meat Symposium, “Tipificación y Comercio de la Carne”, Zaragoza (1962).
-Monograph about Refrigerator Transport, published by the Veterinary Association of Bromatological Hygiene in 1953.
-He collaborated in the publication of “Estudio estadístico en el ganado vacuno en Galicia, de la distomatosis, hidatidosis e hipodeamosis; pérdidas económicas ocasionadas por estas parisotis”.
-Member of the Stockbreeding syndicate.
-Trade union adviser at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd National Plan for Economical and Social Development.
-Acting president of the Syndical Chamber of Agriculture in Lugo.
-Member of the technical and administrative council of the Galician Institute of Geological, Edaphological and Agrobiological Research.
-President of the Provincial Board for Livestock Promotion for seventeen years.
-Provincial deputy for 19 years.
-Vice-president of Lugo County Council of eight years.
-President of the Urban Property Chamber of Lugo for 22 years.
-President of the High Council of the Urban Property Chambers of Galicia.
-President of the Caja Provincial de Ahorros (Lugo).
-Saving merit medal.
-Silver and bronze medals of the National Institute of Industry.
-Knight of the Order of Cisneros of Political Merit.
-Commander of the Order of Agricultural Merit.
-Commander of the Civil Health Order.
-Several military decorations.