Ramón Borrajo Domarco

Pseudonym: Moncho Borrajo
Category: Humorist, writer, painter and caricaturist
Birth Date: 25th december 1949
Birth Place: Baños de Molgas (Ourense)

Together with his parents, Ramón and Donigna, he moved to Vigo, where he studied Secondary Education. When he was 16, he moved to Valencia to study Architecture. He was very good at Drawing and was known with the nickname 'Gallego' (Galician). He gave up Architecture to become a quantity surveyor and studied Fine Arts at 'San Carlos' School (Valencia). In those years he became aware of his Galician origin and took part as protest singer, singing his songs in Galician, Castilian and Valencian.

 Work & Activities

He was selected for the 12th and 14th editions of 'Joán Miró' International Drawing Prize. From 1970 onwards, he carried out exhibitions in many Spanish art galleries. In 1985, he left music to devote himself to the show world, being very successful with works such as: Aguijón 79, Borrajo Perdido, Apuntes para un cabaret, Aquí no hay crisis, Dihablemos and El Bufón del Rey. He has also written the books Moncho y yo, Moncho y tú, Pobres míos (humour drawings), Amo la ciudad (short narrations), Animalitos (humour drawings in Galician), Toño (stories written in Galician), Pavana para una difunta (novel written in Castilian), Meu querido padre Ramón (novel written in Galician) and Con humor e humor (quotation book written in Castilian). In 1991, he took up painting again and was finalist at 'BMW' Prize (1997 and 1998) and 'VI Mostra Union Fenosa' (A Coruña, 1999). He also composed the records Reina by Charo Reina, Loca by Encarnita Polo and El bufón del Rey, among others.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1972, he got the second prize of university song. In 1970, he won the drawing university prize at the Architecture School. In 1976, he got the medal to the artistic merit, awarded by the Ministry of Information and Tourism. He is known for his ability to ad-lib as an humorist. In 1985, his performances at 'Cleofás' Hall in Madrid represented a landmark in the history of the national humour. He performed in Vigo before 65.000 people and in Bilbao for more than a month in a theatre of 2,400 seats. He has always been proud of his Galician origin. He founded the first library at the Galician Centre in Valencia and nowadays he is creating another one in Baños de Molgas. He became champion of Galician traditional dance together with the group of choirs and dances of Vigo. The County Council of Ourense published 1.000 copies of a book about his artistic development to celebrate his 25th anniversary in the show world. He has got almost all the national humour prizes. As an actor, he was granted 'Ciudad de Valladolid' Prize. He is very proud of being the only living humorist in the Humour Square (A Coruña) and being elected as honorary citizen in his native city.