Daniel Aguilar González

Birth Date: 10th March 1944
Birth Place: A Coruña

He started athletism when he was ten and began to take part in championships when he was thirteen. He became Spanish champion in the 10,000 m walk, bronze medal and silver medal in the same discipline. He got the sixth position in 30 km walk at the European Championship of Veterans celebrated in Cesenatico (Italy), the 5th position at the Marathon of Varadero (Cuba) in 1982, first veteran (840) in the Marathon of New York (USA) and sixth position in the Marathon of Valladolid (2 hours, 40’ and 01’’ is his best mark). Besides, he ran marathons in Madrid and ‘Ciudad de Santander’ First 100 Km (he got the 24th position). He was Galician champion of veterans in 10 Km walk on several occasions and also participated in the World Long-distance Championship in Bruges (Belgium), in the World 30 Km Walk Championship (1999) and in two marathons in the mountain of Madrid.
He got the 11th position at the Spanish Cross Championship for veterans (Cáceres, 2007).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Hobbies: collections of electric trains, classic cars and tin toys. Businessman (‘Luz Lugo Luminosos’).