Celso Baladrón Sanz

Birth Date: 12th September 1899 (†May 1960)
Birth Place: Verín (Ourense)

He studied at La Salle School, showing his inclinations to reading, painting and music.
He collaborated in "Diario de la Marina" in Havana (Cuba) and on his returning to Spain, he founded “El Cencerro” in Verín in 1926. He was a great versifier and draughtsman. After his wife’s death, his restless bohemian and adventurous spirit led him to join up the Spanish Legion, taking part as a sergeant in the North Army during the Civil War. After being wounded and losing one of his fingers fighting in Guipúzcoa, he gave up the military profession as non-commissioned officer.
His ability as draughtsman made him famous as the first painter of signs and murals in Verín, signed under the pseudonym ‘Carlampio’.
After his death in an unfortunate domestic accident, he left small humorous works about popular people.