Carlos Sobrino Buhígas

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 18th March 1885 (†4th December 1978)
Birth Place: Pontevedra

After graduating in Drawing and Calligraphy in Madrid, he established himself in Vigo, where he worked as a teacher in the Business School and the Technical School.

 Work & Activities

He carried out important exhibitions at 'Iturrioz' Gallery in Madrid (1913) and Sáez-Mon photography studio in Pontevedra (1917). Besides, Carlos Sobrino also illustrated books and posters.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Carlos Sobrino got the gold medal at the Regional Exhibition of Santiago in 1909, the third medal at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1915, the third medal at the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1911 and the second medal at the World Exhibition of Panama in 1916.