Carlos Revuelta Méndez

Category: Doctor and writer
Birth Date: 2nd April 1960
Birth Place: Valladolid
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He took a degree in Medicine and Surgery at Valladolid University in 1984 and a diploma on Health at the National Health School. He did several MAs in Health Management and Administration at Vigo University, in Emergency Medicine at Salamanca University, in drug addiction and AIDS. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Education for Health ('Alezeia') and the Spanish Association of Medical Writers and Artists ('Asemexa'). He was vice-president of the College of Doctors in Ourense (1995-99), medical coordinator of the Health Centre in El Barco (Ourense) for six years, responsible for the municipal programme to prevent drugs in the City Council of El Barco for four years and representative of the College of Doctors of Ourense in the Municipal Council of Drugs (Ourense). He was a foundation member and first president of 'Montouto' Cultural Association of Vilamartín de Valdeorras (Ourense).

 Work & Activities

He is a joint author of several books for health education and many articles and works in medical and health magazines. He collaborated as rapporteur in many courses, conferences and round tables about alcoholism, tobacco, drugs, AIDS, sexual education, etc. He is a member of the work group for the elaboration of didactic materials to prevent drug-taking at school (Xunta de Galicia). He also wrote several poetry books and short theatre plays.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the distinction 'Barquense do ano' in 1993. Besides, he was elected as a member of Parliament in the seventh session, member of the Health and Consumption Commission, member of the joint committee to solve problems related to drugs and member of the Environment Commission. He was candidate to become Mayor in O Barco in 1999.