Carlos Méndez Vázquez

Category: Priest and writer
Birth Date: 11th February 1931
Birth Place: Pedraza - Monterroso (Lugo)

Since January 1961, he has been a priest in Monterroso. He took a degree in Religious Sciences.

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following books: Castros de Monterroso, 'Alvarellos' Publications, Lugo, 1983; Castros de Antas de Ulla, Delegación de Cultura, Lugo, 1993 and Sopeixos, County Council of Lugo, 1993. This book is a posthumous selection of poems written by the poet and priest Teolindo Cortiña Toural. In 1974, he collaborated in the Galician Encyclopaedia. He also collaborated in the newspaper El Progreso and other Publications.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1991, he founded the parish museum in Monterroso, which he himself directs. Nowadays, he is a member of 'Ecos do Ulla' Choral Society in Monterroso.