Carlos Barros Guimeráns

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 3rd July 1946
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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He is a Professor of Medieval History at Santiago University and is closely bound to 'Padre Sarmiento' Institute, dependent on the Council of Scientific Investigations.

 Work & Activities

WORKS: -Mentalidad justiciera de los irmandiños, siglo XV, Vigo, 'Xerais' Publications, 1988. -¡Viva el Rei! Ensayos medievales, Vigo, 'Xerais' Publications, 1996. -Historiografía fin de siglo, Santiago, 'Tórculo' Publications, 1996. He organised several congresses and published the minutes as for example the International Congress 'Judíos y conversos en la Historia' (Ribadavia, October 1991) and the First International Congress 'Historia a Debate' (Santiago, July 1999). He collaborated in 21 collective monographs. He also wrote 35 articles in scientific magazines and gave 68 lectures and seminars about medieval history, historic methodology and historiography in several Spanish and foreign Universities. He was the main researcher of the research projects 'Encuesta Internacional' ('El Estado de la Historia (19961998) and 'El cambio de paradigmas historiográficos), together with other historians from Zaragoza, Cádiz, Basque Country, La Laguna, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Murcia Universities. He visited some academical institutions in France, Mexico, Italy, Austria, Cuba, Germany, Argentina and Uruguay.

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