Ánxela Loureiro Fernández

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 1st March 1956
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)
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-Teacher of Primary Education (specialities in Musical Education, Social Sciences, Spanish Language and English Language).

 Work & Activities

She was finalist of 'Merlina' prize for child's literature with her novel Laia, a nena da illa, published by the publishing house Edicións Xerais. She also wrote the novel for children Viaxe de ida e volta and the book Cancións para o ano, both of them published by Edicións Xerais. She was one of the authors of the textbooks Nobelos de Papel (Xerais) and collaborated in the textbooks Música 3, Música 4, Música 5 and Música 6 ('S.M.' Publications) and As nosas cancións I and II and Música para todos I and II ('Música para todos' Publications). She translated the bulletins of the social club of Ferrol 'Os Ateneos ferroláns na súa historia' and 'O Ateneo. Recuperación dun patrimonio histórico-artístico'. Besides, she wrote many songs and tales that appear in the books Cantareliña and As nosas cancións ('Música para todos' Publications). She also coordinated the record 'Cancións para o ano' by the group Saraibas. She took part in the educational groups Xirimabo, Brétema and Atril. She made the research work Recopilación e clasificación de cancións galegas para nenos. Creatividade musical na escola, subsidized by the 'Consellería de Educación'. She wrote several theatre plays for children such as Ollo hai lurpios na horta (first prize in the social club of Ferrol), ¿Onde están os Bule-bule? and Antroidadas, which got a grant from the 'Consellería de Cultura'. She also wrote the outline for A familia Solfa, subsidized by the 'Consellería de Cultura'. She conducted several child choirs such as the group 'Ledicia' and 'Trasnos'. Nowadays she is working at school to recover the popular games and coordinates the European project 'Comenius' with this aim. She is also initiating a Game Museum at her work centre.