Francisco Mayán Fernández

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 30th September 1916 (†5th September 2010)
Birth Place: Cee (A Coruña)

In 1929, he passed the exam to start Secondary Education in Noia getting his general certificate in 1934 in A Coruña. That same year, he registered in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (History Section). Although he had not finished his career, he began to teach Geography and History at 'Fernando Blanco' School in Cee (A Coruña). In 1940, he took his doctor's degree in Philosophy and Arts (History section) at Madrid University. In 1944, he got a grant to study at 'Balmes' Institute of Sociology, dependent on the High Council of Scientific Investigations (Madrid) and became an assistant lecturer, teaching Spanish Ancient History at the Central University (Madrid). In 1946, he became the headmaster of 'Nuestra Señora de Carramonte' School. In 1953, he started to teach Geography and History in the Secondary School of Mondoñedo (Lugo). Some years later he took his doctor's degree in Geography and History.

 Work & Activities


Los franceses en Cee, with 57 unpublished documents, A Coruña, 1941.

El arquitecto gallego Domingo Antonio de Andrade, A Coruña, 1942 (with unpublished documentation).

Gonzalo, el Obispo Santo; Mondoñedo, 1955.

El Mariscal Pardo de Cela, a la luz de nueva documentación histórica, Viveiro, 1962.

Breve historia de la villa de Cee, Santiago, 1972.

Breve Guía Histórico-Artística de Mondoñedo; Lugo, 1975.

Domingo Antonio de Andrade, hijo ilustre de Cee; A Coruña, 1990.

Manuel Ledo Bermúdez, O Pallarego, uno de los más grandes amigos de Álvaro Cunqueiro; Lugo, 1991.

Historia de Mondoñedo, desde sus orígenes hasta 1833 en que dejó de ser su capital de provincia; Lugo, 1994.

Trajano o el cumplimiento del deber; Lugo, 1999...

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1944, he became a member of the Galician Academy. In 1957, he got the National Prize of Geography and History lessons, awarded by the Institute for Teacher Formation. In 1960, he got the Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X, the Wise. In 1964, he got the distinction 'Colegiado distinguido del distrito universitario de Santiago'. In 1993, he became a member of the Academy of History (Madrid). In 2001, he was nominated as chronicler of Mondoñedo.