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He attended courses with Ernesto Caballero, Jesús Aladrén, Nelia Veksel, Philippe Gaulier, Paco Pino, Albert Boadella, Eric de Bont, John Wright, Mª del Mar Navarro, Vicente Fuentes and Alex Navarro, among others.

 Work & Activities

1987: ‘Gallego’, a film directed by Octavio Gómez.
1998: ‘A ti como se che di adeus’, a short directed by Jorge Coira.
2000: ‘A caída dun manager malvado’, a short directed by Marcos Estebo.
2000: ‘Lena’, a film directed by Gonzalo Tapia.
2000: ‘Condenado a vivir’, a film directed by Roberto Bodegas.

1988: Actor and scriptwriter of the TV serial for children ‘O Campo de Atrás’ on Galician TV, directed by Manuel Pombal (he played the doll ‘Bogo’).
1988-89: Actor in the programme ‘Arestora’ on Galician TV, playing the doll ‘Pupo’.
1997: Actor in the programme ‘Luar’, produced by Galician TV.
1998-2003: Actor in the TV serial ‘Platos Combinados’, produced by Compostela Publications for Galician TV.
2000: Actor in the TV serial ‘Galicia Express’, produced by Portozás Visión for Galician TV.
2000: Actor in ‘Lluvia’, directed by Isabel Coixet, produced by Canal plus.
2002: Actor in the TV serial ‘Mareas Vivas’, produced by N.T.R. for Galician TV.
2003: Actor in ‘Hospital Central’, a TV serial produced by Videomedia for Tele5.
2003: Presenter of ’Noite Bravú’, a quiz show produced by Costa Oeste for Galician TV.
2003: Actor in ‘As leis de Celavella’, a TV serial produced by Voz Audiovisual for Galician TV.

He founded ‘Tranvía-Teatro’ in 1989 and ‘Ollomoltranvía’ in 1993 and participated as an actor in the following plays:
1989: ‘As Alegres Casadas’ by W. Shakespeare (Galician Dramatic Centre). Director: Eduardo Alonso.
1989: ‘O Merlo Branco’ by C. Paz (‘Tranvía-Teatro’). Director: Cándido Pazó.
1992: ‘Un Soño de Verán’ by W. Shakespeare (Galician Dramatic Centre). Director: Eduardo Alonso.
1993: ‘Historia do Soldado’ by I. Stravinsky (Galician Dramatic Centre). Director: Manuel Guede.
1993: ‘Commedia, un xoguete para Goldoni’ by C. Goldoni (‘Ollomoltranvía’). Director: Cándido Pazó.
1994: ‘Raiñas de Pedra’ by C. Pazó (‘Ollomoltranvía’). Director: Helder Costa.
1997: ‘Escola de Bufóns’ by M. de Ghelderode (‘Ollomoltranvía’). Director: Fabio Mangolini.
1998: ‘Qui Pro Quo’ (‘Ollomoltranvía’). Director: Evaristo Calvo.
1998: ‘Estaçao Mahagonny’ by Bertolt Brecht (‘Teatro do Noroeste’). Director: Castro Guedes.
2000: ‘ÑikiÑaque’ by C. Pazó (‘Ollomoltranvía’). Director: Cándido Pazó.
2001: ‘Policía’ by S. Mrozeck. (‘Ollomoltranvía’). Director: Cándido Pazó.
2002: ‘Animaliños’ by R.Vidal Bolaño (‘Teatro do Aquí’). Director: Roberto Vidal Bolaño.
-In 1993, he was awarded ‘Compostela’ Prize to the best supporting actor for his work in ‘Un soño de Verán’.
-He was the assistant director of ‘Os carros do camiño’ in 1999, produced by GPD. Director: Rafael Martínez Marzo.
-He also directed the following plays: ‘Cartas de amor’ by A.R. Gurney, produced by ‘Lagarta, lagarta’ (2001), ‘Bicos con lingoa’ by several authors and produced by ‘Talía Teatro’ (2003), ‘Crónica de Avilés de Taramancos’‚ produced by ‘Falabarto’ (2003), ‘Vento Mareiro’ produced by ‘Falabarato’ (2003) and original texts for ‘Bicos con lingoa’ (‘Talía Teatro’) (2003).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is also a street actor (stilts, motocycle and bycicle with stilts) and storyteller (he has carried out his performances all around Galicia, Barcelona, Salamanca and Segovia). Besides, he participated every week in the radio programme ‘Tardes da Galega’ on ‘Radio Gallega’ (2001-2002). www.avelinogonzalez.com