Antonio Santiago Rey Cornide

Birth Date: 1st may 1947
Birth Place: Lugo
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After studying at Hn Maristas School in Lugo, he studied accountancy and commercial calculus. He entered the banking sector in 1968, being first appointed to Barcelona. Afterwards, he worked in Ordes, Geneva, Brussels, Vigo, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Figueras, Benavente and O Carballiño, where he retired as an auditor in 2001. In Geneva he studied French at the French Alliance. He participated in the social and cultural life of O Carballiño and was on the board of directors of the Casino.

 Work & Activities

In 1986 he began to form part of Tiruleque Theatre Group and performed plays by Castelao, Carballo Calero, Miguel de Cervantes, Plauto, Agustín Magán, etc. In 1993 he joined the Casino Polyphonical Choral Society in O Carballiño and took an active part in all the performances and concerts. In 2003 he was elected president of the choral society. In January 2006 he was elected president of the Galician Choral Federation (FECOGA) for four years. In 2009, he started a new period with Música Viva Choir in Carballiño (Ourense) and the Polifonical Choral Society in Agolada (Pontevedra).


He is also keen on sports (football, basketball, hunting and fishing), photography, travelling and cultural TV programmes.






 Other Interesting Aspects

He attended the following courses: ‘Dirección teatral’, with Eduardo Alonso, ‘Maquillaje’, with Toñi Mateos, ‘Vocalización’, with Santiago Fernández and ‘Técnica vocal’, with Ana Docampo Arocas.
He holds ‘Marcial del Adalid’ silver badge for his musical perseverance.