Alonso Caxade

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Dança dos Moscas

Gente Pota

He was linked to Galician traditional music since he was a child. He studied accordion at Pontevedra Music Conservatory and Musical Education and postgraduate of Galician Traditional Music at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

He recorded for “Galiza Sons Folk” (2001, ed. Sons Galiza), “Roi Xordo” (2002, ed. Phonos), “Con Dignidade” (2003, ed. A Fábrica de Lus), “Son de Galiza: Recopilatorio de Música Galega” (2003, ed. La Voz de Galicia), “Isolma” (2008, ed. Cumio), Tiruriru (2009, ed. Falcatruada) and "Jazz&Trad." (2012, PELdeNOZ-ComCerteza)

Together with Caramuxo Quartet, he won the 10th edition of María Casares Theatre Prize in 2005 to the best original music for the performance “Vento Mareiro” by Avelino González and the second edition of “Premio Opinión” for "Tiruriru".

After participating in the recording and collaborating with very different groups like Roi Xordo folk group, Ruxe-Ruxe, NugaJazz Quartet, Pablo Seoane’s traditional group, The Homens or Chévere theatre group, his musical activity now focuses on Caramuxo Quartet, PELdeNOZ, CabRaret and Os Modernos Orchestra.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In September 2012, he started a new personal project called "Caxade". First, he published "Dança dos Moscas” and a month later "Gente Pota".