Antonio Palacios Ramilo

Category: Architect
Birth Date: 8th January 1876 (†27th October 1945)
Birth Place: O Porriño (Pontevedra)

He studied Secondary Education in Pontevedra and Architecture in Madrid, taking his degree in 1900.

 Work & Activities

He took Joaquín Otamendi into partnership, they applied for several competitions and won the following projects: Monumental bridge in Bilbao (1902), 'Gran Casino' in Madrid (1903), Bridge over the river 'Urumea' in San Sebastián (1904), Palace of Communications at Cibeles Square (1904), Central Bank, 'Jornalero' Hospital, Shops of the 'ICI', 'Banco de Vizcaya'... He also carried out important works in Galicia: 'Fuente del Santo Cristo' (O Porriño, 1907), monument to the Virgin of the Rock ('Virgen de la Roca', Baiona, 1912), fountainof the Spa in Mondariz, 'Rosalía de Castro' Theatre in Vigo and 'La Visitación' Cathedral in Vigo. 'Veracruz' Church in O Carballiño (Ourense) was his unfinished project. It was finished later but without the Pilgrim's Inn that appeared in the project.