Antonio Borrallo Arijón

Category: Painter
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When he was sixteen, he began to work at Colón Theatre in A Coruña. First, he studied Arts, then Drawing. He could paint busts of Marlon Brando and other actors by heart. He painted western scenes. He could not paint the shadows of the gun alone. Two persons were necessary and one of them had to move the air bomb. Gallart touched up the gun, making it shine here and there and finally signed. He began to study Drawing at the Technical School and in 1962, he moved to Paris, where he lived until 1970. When he returned to Spain, he established himself in A Coruña and in January 1989, he exhibited part of his work at the gallery of ‘Banco Gallego’ in Lugo.

 Work & Activities

In April 1989, he exhibited his works in the gallery of the BBV in Betanzos, at Hércules Coruñés Gallery in August and the gallery of the BBV of Ferrol in November. Besides, he wrote theatre plays and novels and was a member of El Eco Choral Society (A Coruña). He celebrated his last exhibition in ‘O Museo dos Muíños’ (Culleredo). Part of his work can be daily visited in TEKAOBA at Ronda de Outeiro 320 (A Coruña). The rest of his work can be found in private collections, bank firms and institutions. His work is also present at the cultural guides of the Xunta de Galicia (‘Artistas de Galicia’).