Antonio Abad Gallego

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 14th August 1953
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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He studied Artistic Drawing at the Technical School of (1979-80) and celebrated his first individual exhibition in 1990. During 1993 and 1994, he organized several collective exhibitions in the North Portugal and individual exhibitions in many Spanish cities during 1995. In 1996, he joined several federate associations of national artists and a year later, he celebrated exhibitions in Portugal, Italy and France. He went on studying and exhibiting his works in many places. He was awarded different prizes and was selected to take part in several international salons. Together with other painters, he founded the Spanish Association of Pastel Painters in 2009 and participated in the first salon of this technique in Spain.

 Work & Activities

Since 2000, he has carried out the following exhibitions:

-2000: J & C Art Gallery (New York), Herá Gallery, Porriño (Pontevedra) and Salon Internationale Du Val Dor Meillant (France).

-2001: Visol Gallery (Ourense), ‘No Camiño’, Casa das Artes (Vigo), International Exhibition, Vendas Novas (Portugal) and Artitude Gallery (Paris).

-2002: José Lorenzo Gallery (Santiago de Compostela), Porta All ‘Arco Gallery, Siena (Italy), Artesfera Gallery (Benidorm), Europastel itinerant exhibition, Italy and San Petesburgo (sponsored by the UNESCO) and VII Art Contest in O Morrazo – Cangas (Pontevedra).

-2003: Trisquel e Medulio Gallery, Tui (Pontevedra), Casa de Galicia (Madrid) and José Lorenzo Gallery (Santiago de Compostela).

-2004: Caixanova Gallery (Vigo) and Vendas Novas (Portugal).


-2005: ‘Arte no Morrazo’ (1st prize), Cangas (Pontevedra) and Parador S. Estevo do Sil (Ourense).


-2006: Borrón 4 Gallery, Cambados (Pontevedra), European Parliament (Brussels), Coarte Gallery (A Coruña) and Auditorium, Cangas (Pontevedra).


-2007: Cultural Centre, Sada (A Coruña) and Casa de Galicia (Madrid).


-2009: Prince Felipe Auditorium (Oviedo) and St Mariña Chapel (Lugo).


-2010: Caixanova Centre (Vigo), Casa das Artes (Vigo) and Businessmen Association of Tambre (Santiago de Compostela).


 Other Interesting Aspects

His work can be found in the following collections: Caixa Pontevedra, Banco Gallego, City Council of Vilanova de Cerveira (Portugal), City Council of Vilafranca de Xira (Portugal), City Council of Chaves (Portugal), City Counci of Braga (Portugal), the City Councils of Sada, Vigo and Verín (Ourense) and in private collections in Spain, France, Italy and the USA.

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