Antón López Rivas

Pseudonym: O mago Antón
Category: Magician
Birth Date: In 1956
Birth Place: Castroverde (Lugo)

He spent his childhood and youth in Lugo, where he learnt magic and started Psychology in Santiago but he gave up in 1977 to devote himself to magic and ventriloquism. In 1979, he got a honourable mention in the Galician Criticism Prizes for his character ‘Facundo’. That same year, he got in touch with the Magic School of Madrid and carried out a hundred performances in Galicia, Madrid, Catalonia, Euskadi, Portugal, Belgium and Holland. He participated in important international magic conferences with his amazing original games. Owing to his successful performances, he began to comercialize his creations under the mark ‘Os xogos do raposo’. In the 80’s, he produced several shows in the open air such as ‘Merlín e Familia’. He created the firm ‘Produccións Máxicas’ and a new version of ‘Merlín e Familia’ that he presented on a tour all over Galicia in a big top that holds up to 1500 people. In 1989, he was honoured as ‘Lucense do Ano’ for the Press, Radio and TV Association of Lugo. In 1990, he recorded a special magic programme for Galician TV.

 Work & Activities

Because of the Xacobeo 93 and under the sponsorship of the ‘Consorcio da Cidade de Santiago’, Antón Rivas created his most ambitious project, ‘Vía Láctea’, a multimedia show (theatre, cinema, magic and music), presented in Santiago for several months and shortly after in the most important Galician cities, finishing the tour in Pamplona and Madrid. In 1995, he created the firm ‘Creacións Máxicas’ materialized in a vehicle specially designed for magic shows holding up to seventy people: the ‘Magomóbil’. In this vehicle, he went on a tour all over Galicia with five magic shows such as ‘Insólito por ANTONomaxia’ and ‘O romance do conde de Cagliostro’, the latter coinciding with the Xacobeo 99. However, he also carried out other shows such as ‘Fugas e soños’ (1996) and together with the Galician Symphonic Orchestra, he developed a project based on magic and musical didactics for schoolchildren called ‘En clave de maxia’. At the beginning of the new century, he recovered his first character, ‘Facundo’, and created a new magic show, which is at the same time a trip throughout magic and humanity history: ‘2001 ilusións’. In 2002, he also launched the virtual shop magoantó (the most important magic shops in the world comercialize the games he created). In 2003, he was honoured as ‘Galego egrexio’ for his work promoting Galician language and culture in the show world. That same year, he organised the First International Magic Festival in Lugo with ‘Waldemar’ Magic Association in collaboration with the City Council of Lugo. In 2004, he presented the shows ‘10 magos no pais das marabillas’ and ‘Festivais de maxia no camiño’. Nowadays, he is working in several projects for Galician TV and the production of two shows: ‘Armas baixo control’ for International Amnesty and ‘Unha provincia por arte de maxia’ for the County Council of A Coruña.