Aníbal Carricoba Gay

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 26st august 1924 (†7th January 2002)
Birth Place: O Carpaceiro, Ferreira de Pallares - Guntín (Lugo)

His father, Emilio, gave him his first music lesson and when he was seventeen he entered Isabel La Católica Band in A Coruña.
In 1948, he entered the Band of the Head of State and moved to Madrid. In 1954, he began to study trombone and composition and the Royal Music Conservatory of Madrid, ending up both careers in 1962. Jesús Arámbarri and Manuel García Matos were some of his teachers.
He was a member of the Corps of Conductors and the SGAE. He collaborated with the symphonic orchestras there were in Madrid for thirty years, including the National Orchestra and RTVE Orchestra. He participated in several programmes on TVE. He also played at Calderón Theatre, accompanying famous artists of that time like Manolo Escobar, Lola Flores, Sara Montiel, Antonio Molina, etc.
In 1980 he started his career as a conductor and was first appointed to Cuenca Music Band. From 1981 to 1983 he was appointed to Santo Domingo de la Calzada. His last post was at Palencia Music Band and was invited by García Asensio on several occasions to conduct Madrid Music Band.

 Work & Activities

As a composer, Aníbal was influenced by the Galician traditional music, so he composed “Alborada Galega” (Alborada), “Romería en Galicia” (Galician Paso doble first performed by Master Rodrigo de Santiago with Madrid Music Band), “A carón d’o Miño” (Suite), “Cantas do Pobo” (Galician fantasy) and “O Carpaceiro” (paso doble composed with his brother Virgilio). “A Saudade” is a very interesting song with a text by Noriega Varela.
He also composed “Vuelo de Graja” (PD), “Saludo a Palecia” (PD), “Portomarín” (Marcha), “El Botines” (PD), etc.
His works are performed all over Spain and some of them were recorded by several music bands like Ourense Music Band, Palencia Music Band or the Royal Guard Music Band.