Ángel Martínez Fernández de la Vega

Pseudonym: Ángel de la Vega, A Mar, e O Marqués da Piringalla.
Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 19th August 1931
Birth Place: Friol (Lugo)

He is married to María Manuela Rodríguez Campo and has five children. He studied Secondary Education in Lugo. In 1953 and 1954 he worked as editorial secretary at the magazine 'Red' in Madrid. In 1954, he was admitted to the Journalism School and took his degree in 1958. That same year he started to work in the newspaper 'El Progreso' in Lugo until 1995. It was then that he retired. In 1970 he was nominated as staff editor of 'El Progreso' and occupied this post for twenty-five years. He has also been editing the weekly magazine 'Heraldo de Vivero' for thirty years. In 1962, he founded, in collaboration with other journalists, the newspaper 'Hoja del Lunes de Lugo' and occupied the post of staff editor. In 1963, he became editor of the paper until 1987, the moment it disappeared. During his journalistic activity, he carried out different works. He worked as correspondent of different Spanish and foreign newspapers in Lugo.

 Work & Activities

He wrote a tourist-literary guide about Friol (a village in the province of Lugo), published by the publishing house Everest. He also wrote a book of articles titled La Garra, which was published by the County Council Office, and the book 'Ánxel Fole: 101 anécdotas'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1995, he was nominated as 'lucense del año' and was given the gold badge of the 'Press Association of Lugo' in 1996. In 1998, he was nominated 'Knight of the Order of Alquitara' in Portomarín and the 'Gold capercaille of the Ancares'. He got national and local journalistic prizes.