Ángel Antonio Luaces Teijido

Pseudonym: Antón Luaces
Category: Radio communicator
Birth Date: 25th May 1943
Birth Place: Cariño (A Coruña)


He studied Teaching, Philosophy and Fine Arts. He started to work at the radio station 'Radio Riveira' and went on with 'Radio Juventud de Galicia'. He was the head of the news programmes of 'Radiocadena Española' in Galicia and 'Radio Nacional de España' and director of the same radio stations. He collaborated in the newspapers El Correo Gallego, El Ideal Gallego, La Voz de Galicia and Atlántico Diario.

 Work & Activities

He was the president of the opinion club 'Foro Cívico' and member of the board of directors of the Galician Association of Journalists. He directed the programme 'Españoles en la Mar' in the radio station 'Radio Exterior de España' and gave lectures and round-table conferences about different themes, especially those related to communications and the sea. He presented several musical festivals and different national programmes such as 'Pasión por América', 'Hombres en ruta' and 'Costa Norte'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes and distinctions: -'Galicia Prize of Communication' in 1995. -'Coruñés del año' in 1985. -Accesit at 'Bergantiños' Poetry Prize. -Prize for short stories, awarded by the 'Casa Galicia' in Baracaldo. -'Vieira de plata' to the programme with the best audience carried out in Spain. -'Salvamento Marítimo de Galicia' Prize. -Honourable member of the Association of Spanish Radio Operators. -Commemorative plaques awarded by Axomaga, City Council of Cariño, City Council of Carballo, Red Cross of Bergantiños and AETINAPE. -He is an honourable member of 'Sementeira' School in Cambre of Galician music and dance. -Silver decoration, awarded by 'IAR' Association of Galician music and dance.